ANNAHailing from the Deep South, we have Anna Houston Barton from Charleston, South Carolina. Whether in the mountains or on the road, she’s an avid cyclist and loves the outdoors. Her love for road cycling started when she completed her first triathlon and before that she was mountain biking the trails. Anna’s open and energetic spirit draws her to people from all over the world. She’s loves to travel to new places, gain new experiences, and speak Spanish whenever possible. She’s a active Toastmaster and creative soul. If not on an outdoor adventure, you can find her working on her latest art project or reading books!

Anna has always had a passion for promoting a healthy and active lifestyle whether its from running to hiking to contra dancing. It’s crucial to our daily lives and mental attitude to keep the body movin’ & groovin’! She continuously wants to promote that active transportation whether biking or walking can be a way of life and mindset. She is super excited to be a part of the HAP tour and join the dream team!

Currently, in Southeast Alaska, Anna is leading bike tours in the largest coastal temperate rainforest known as the  Tongass National Forest. Her desire is to keep pedaling and seeing the world by two wheels!

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