Jane triumphant bicycleJane (aka Titanium) lives in Washington DC, near the Capitol Crescent and Canal bike trails and near three universities- George Washington, Georgetown and American. She is part-time faculty at both the Uniformed Services University (in Surgery and Global Medicine depts.) and at George Washington University School of Public Health.  In a previous life, she enjoyed a career as a USAF ophthalmologist and flight surgeon.

Jane is very interested in diabetes and other chronic disease prevention at the population level by encouraging active transportation and promoting safety for all travel modes- particularly pedestrians and cyclists.

She will be riding her Specialized Tarmac for the Healthy Active Places Tour that also carried her on the inaugural RASR Key West to San Francisco ride in 2012.

Jane is a very proud new Grandma to Olivia May Palmer, born in London on June 5th. In between London, Alaska, and California visits with her 3 daughters, she loves working in her home garden, cooking, eating, preserving food, and trying to help friends and her church Go GREEN and more sustainable!

The great sense of FUN and FREEDOM is what Jane is most excited about for the Healthy Active Places Tour. “I like the good feeling from exercise, fresh air, and being more connected to my environment.” says Jane, “This tour will be a terrific reunion for many of the original RASR team, plus a chance to meet some great new team members.”

Jane is committed to Healthy Active Places Tour as a great way to attract positive publicity for the day-to-day advocates who are working to make active travel more available and exciting for all citizens- especially those who may have a more challenging existence due to their socioeconomic status or geographical location.  She can’t wait to meet the various SRTS practitioners and the students along the way!

If she had one final ride, you’d see Jane coasting along the East Coast Greenway or crossing the Netherlands and Scandinavia by bike.

One thought on “Jane

  1. Dr Jane will be a fine team member! Just be prepared to hear about healthy behavior and active transportation and vegan diets and disease prevention for the entire 300 mile ride.


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