Jeanie is Senior California Policy Manager for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, working in California’s capital city, Sacramento, to advance Safe Routes to School and healthy communities across the state. She loves living in Sacramento because it’s bike-friendly, full of trees and two beautiful rivers, and close to the mountains – perfect for being active outdoors!

When on the road, Jeanie has been known as “Windbreaker”; her height and broad shoulders are an asset to the group when she’s riding up front. Her road companion is a Specialized TriCross steel-framed beauty, which she acquired after the tragic theft of the trusty steed that carried her across the country with Ride America for Safe Routes in 2012. “Riding a bicycle is my favorite way to travel and explore, at the perfect speed to really experience a new place,” Jeanie says.

The Healthy Active Places Tour will be a perfect opportunity for Jeanie to experience and connect with communities in the Central Valley, so she can more effectively advocate for their needs back in Sacramento. “I’m excited to be on the ground at schools and in neighborhoods that have big needs for safer streets, and to meet youth and families and hear about their priorities. Hopefully we can contribute to making streets a little bit safer in the Central Valley by sharing our enthusiasm for and knowledge about safe routes.”

If Jeanie is not on her bike or advocating for safe routes, you can find her running on the American River with her dog, hiking in the Sierras, rock climbing, growing vegetables, or planning another bike tour!

One thought on “Jeanie

  1. Jeanie will be a great leader for this trip! Her energy and expertise in active transportation and organizing long-range bike tours will serve the HAP team well. I look forward to hearing about your progress.


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