Aubree with her mom on her mom’s 60th birthday.

When asked about herself, Aubree says she enjoys way more things than she has time for, making her a ‘knower of some and master of none’. She resides in Sacramento where she works as a nurse practitioner for a Trauma and Emergent Surgery department. But more importantly, she laughs too loud and eats too fast. She also moonlights as a commercial fisherman in Alaska during the summer. Aubree has many nicknames: Aubs, Straw-bree, Butterfish… But Aubs is usually what comes easily for most. Straw-bree is (probably) her favorite, unless she’s out fishing, where only Butterfish will do.

When not on her bike Aubree can be found cooking or at the farmer’s markets. Mountain biking is her jam. She also loves to rock climb, practice yoga, swim, sew, and think too hard about how to be efficient, subsequently making herself not efficient at all. Also high on her list are purchasing plane tickets, learning how to fly fish, avoiding technology upgrades, and backcountry skiing.

Bicycling is freedom for Aubree, “Learning to ride a bicycle was a huge deal for me when I was wee kiddo. I realized then how much freedom it gave me and how empowering it was. It allows me time to think (or not think), meet wonderful folks, explore, be close to all the smells, sights, and sounds the world has to offer. It makes me accessible and tangible to people passing by. Bicycles are simple machines and I appreciate them for all they offer.” And her bicycle? She’s a beauty: a custom frame she had built by a retired bicycle builder in San Diego, Robbie Robberson. “She is beautiful and understated.” (But Aubree might be biased.)

The Healthy Active Places Tour is an opportunity for Aubree to spread the word about how fantastic self-powered transportation is and the autonomy it brings.  “I want people to feel safe on the streets and to have a say about their well-being. I want to erase the traumas I see involving pedestrians and cyclists who have been hit by vehicles.”

For her dream bicycle trip you’ll find Aubree on a tour with her whole family anywhere that isn’t too hot or too cold with delicious food and scenery… She’d also love to race La Ruta in Costa Rica, but she’d have to, in her words, “Toughen up a bit.”

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