DARLENEDarlene Cook lives in the beautiful Low Country of coastal Georgia where she works as a licensed massage therapist. Darlene’s family includes her amazing and supportive husband, Ken, and full-of-life daughter, Joy, who will both be cheering her on from back home.

Darlene hails many titles while bicycle touring; in the past she has been nicknamed Red Burro, Crazy Pink, (simply) Pink, and now responds with a smile to Cool Breeze.

Cool Breeze rides atop a beautiful two-wheeled steed named Blue Lightning, also known as Trek Madone or T-rex. When asked, ‘What do you love most about riding your bike?’ she doesn’t hesitate to say, “It’s the freedom that I feel like I am 12 years old again… that I can truly go anywhere and everywhere on my bike. I feel strong and empowered.”

Healthy Active Places Tour will reunite Darlene with old friends and give her the chance to show kids that being physically active is fun and being healthy feels good. “I am so excited to be a part if this all female team; and to make new friends and share my passion for biking at schools in the Central Valley.”

Someday Darlene will bike across America, but for now she will take little Central-Valley-sized chunks at a time.



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