TRICIATricia loves to sing and has amazing amounts of energy. She works with Jeanie at the Safe Routes to School National Partnership in Sacramento, but her latest aspiration is to produce documentary films exposing the plight of children walking to school in the Central Valley. Officially, she works as the California Coalition Coordinator focusing on building partnerships around increasing safety and access to Safe Routes to School for California children. Tricia is over-the-top excited about the Healthy Active Places Tour which will allow her to connect with youth and families and share her love for Safe Routes.

Tricia has a darling husband, Kevin, three rescue kitties, and a lonely rescue chicken. When she’s not riding her bike or creating exposés on unsafe routes to school, she can be found touring Sacramento in search of the perfect tater tot. She’s famous for her ability to get her grown-up friends to do silly things and will be sure to look for opportunities for mischief along the HAPT.

Tricia has 5 bikes, 3 of which are actually in working order. She’s not sure which bike she’ll ride on the tour, but is positive that her bum will be extra sore on day two. Her nickname is to be determined; For now, she says, “Call me whatever you want, just don’t call me a wimp!”

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