good grower upper?

Ahoy folks! So we were up early this morning and arrived at school 1 of 2 buzzing to meet our first school, Great Valley Elementary. The kids were electric. I remember being that age and so impressionable. How did the simple experiences, like riding a bicycle, stick with me to influence who I am today? Maybe the bicycle rodeos at school clung to me more than I thought? Maybe the desire to go my own way, self powered was stronger than I realized.
The central valley is populated with all sorts of folks, from all socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities and experiences. I wonder if all the relationships I’ve made through cycling, places I’ve been on my bike, and mental gymnastics I’ve worked through while riding my bicycle will be experienced by an elementary school student that I stood in front of today? Is it possible they will be riding their bicycle in 30-ish years and be clinging to the serenity, curiosity and strength they have found on their bicycle? I tell myself holy heck I hope so! My grandiose side says riding a bicycle might end up being the most positive thing in their lives.
Riding to the first school this morning I thought about how thankful I am to have people in my life who want me to be better, who introduce me to new things, who teach me about what they are passionate about and who encourage my growth. I’m pretty sure I am over estimating the influence of our 20 minute presentationphoto 3 (1), but my mentors always taught me to aim high.

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